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forbidden bike co.

"Established in 2019 by a growing team of industry veterans with a single product - our trail bike, the Druid - and a single-minded, no holds barred approach to bicycle design. The Druid’s arrival on the scene certainly set the tone for a brand that is not prepared to accept the status quo or adhere to the whims of mass-market trends."

Owen, founder & CEO, approached me initially to design the word mark and decals for the first FORBIDDEN bike (the DRUID) before their full public launch. To be honest, I was hesitant to say yes, only because I had never designed decals for a bike (closest was a van..), let alone the first bike ever for his new company. But eventually he convinced me that I could do it - and here we are 4 years later, designing everything from bike decals/colours & brand identity*  to digital marketing campaigns and apparel design. I am certainly proud to say that I am Forbidden's graphic designer - and that the first bike branding / decals for the Druid were apparently so popular that a few folks even got them tattoo'd! They have without-a-doubt made a name for themselves in the MTB industry and are continuing to break the mold in this tough and saturated market.

*CREDIT: gotta give it where it's is due; Owen Pemberton (owner) designed the brand logo.


Visual Identity

Bike Decal Graphics  

Bike Colourways

Sub-logos & Wordmarks

Website Design

Bike Box Design

Social Media Campaigns

Print Documents & Manuals

Event Display Design


Apparel Graphics

Vehicle Decal Wraps 

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Event Branding

Animated Ads & video Intro Gif's

Team Racing Kit Design

I could go on, but I'll stop here. 

Forbidden Bicycle Company - Druid 2023 Colours - Dillon Butcher - Liam Wallace LOW RES-091
Forbidden Bicycle Company - Druid 2023 Colours - Dillon Butcher - Liam Wallace LOW RES-093