Forage Creative Studio is an all-incompasing design studio based in Cumberland, BC.
Owned and operated by Sam Wice from 2011. With a focus on branding and small business. 


After graduating from Capilano University's IDEA program in Graphic Design & Illustration back in 2011, I was scouted for a number of studios throughout the lower mainland. I chose a high end studio based in West Vancouver and began to learn the ropes. Of course with a passion for travel, I never stayed at any job long and didn't yet have the confidence to dive fully into the heart of freelancing. After a few years of extensive traveling, working odd jobs, and taking on design clients when I could, I came back from my longest solo trip and felt the drive to sort out my career and where I wanted to call home - Cumberland BC.


Since 2018 I have been "all-in" fully focused on graphic design
and have reignited my passion for branding and the love of seeing a business thrive with my help.  

In a nutshell: I am a lover of all things travel, dog mom, avid
hiker and someone who tries not to take life too seriously.
If I am not designing I can be found in the Cumberland Forest trails with my main dog dude Hudson or in our home garden getting my hands dirty and trying my best to grow food
(and not get dirt all over myself).