Hey, I am Sam and I run Forage Creative Studio based in Cumberland BC, with a focus on branding, event design, web design, and packaging.


The Early Years //


After graduating from Capilano University's IDEA program in Graphic Design & Illustration back in 2011, I was luckily scouted for a number of studios throughout the lower mainland. I chose a high end studio based in West Vancouver and began to learn the ropes. Of course with a passion for travel, I never stayed at anywhere too long, and didn't yet have the confidence to dive fully into the heart of freelancing. After a few years of extensive traveling, working odd jobs, and taking on design clients when I could, I came back from my longest solo backpacking trip and felt the drive to sort out my career and where I wanted to call home - Cumberland BC. 


Since 2018 I have been "all-in" and committed to Forage Creative.

Why work with me? 

There are millions of graphic designers out there, and loads of them are amazing - so why work with me? Well first off I hope you have taken a look through my portfolio (or have followed me on Instagram) and like what I do. But what sets me apart is my dedication to making sure you feel cared for and are a priority, I will always strive to go above and beyond what you expect and make sure you have everything you need to be set up for success. 

If you book a consultation meeting with me, don't expect intimidating corporate jargon or an overly serious attitude when it comes to my communication I aim to make your experience with me easy, stress free, and some might say, even fun (I know, shocking) - so should we grab a coffee?