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Image by Katsia Jazwinska


Peggy from Simpler Living was looking for a way to not only have a recognizable brand but a way to make herself known and respected in a fairly saturated market in the Vancouver area. There are plenty of home staging & organizing services out there and Peggy was new to this line of work, so what would make her stand out from the pack? Well, her charisma & drive to achieve certainly must be mentioned, but her biggest advantage to obtaining new clients was to put the effort and investment into looking just as professional as her top competitors. 

This was where I came in, though it may seem like an investment that maybe a small business can wait on for the first few years - a first impression is a quick make or brake for a potential client. If you don't look the part - most folks will quickly move onto another company that does. And, in under a year of being in business, Peggy has truly made her mark in the market and has been incredibly successful.  


Visual Identity

Responsive Logo & Icons


Social Media Assets

Vehicle Decals

Business Card

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