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Transmission is a film created by Filter Studios and funded by The Wild Sheep Society. This is what Filter Studios had to say about the film;

"The Wild Sheep Society of BC is one of BC’s leading conservation organizations. WSSBC’s reputation to put money on the ground that directly effects wildlife is held in the highest regard. One of their action items is to continue the study of a pandemic happening amongst wild sheep. The infectious bacteria known as mycoplasma ovipneumoniae (movi) is a bacteria that is passed from domestic sheep to wild sheep. Wild sheep do not have the immune systems to fight the bacteria, thus leaving them susceptible to pneumonia which, in most cases, leads to death.

The society wanted to do a piece to educate the public on the biggest issue around the spread of the bacteria, the interaction between domestic and wild sheep, but of course it goes much deeper than that. It’s very easy with something like this to focus on the technical side of things, to try and educate and inform to the point that people fully understand all aspects and can move forward making better decisions. The challenge is getting people whose lives aren’t directly intertwined with sheep to care enough to watch through a film like that. So, in classic Filter fashion, we turn to our friend… STORY! A story about people."

I was brought on towards the end to create the film branding, this included the word mark, icons, promotional assets, font & graphic treatment for the film and the imagery used to connect with their target market. It is an incredible documentary and has done extremely well in various film festivals - I am so proud to have helped work on this project and hope to do more film branding in the future!


Film Branding

Guidlines package

Marketing assets


Film Stills from Filter Studios

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